Class Descriptions

Preschool Combination

Three levels are offered separately for 3, 4 and 5-year-olds. The dance section is an imaginative introduction to ballet and tap using movement and rhythm to learn basic dance skills. Preschool gym has scaled-down regular gym equipment and provides motor skill development in addition to basic gym skills. There is a set curriculum and each student's progress is monitored through individual skill charts. This program teaches good manners, courtesy to others and learning to take turns. It also develops social skills with others.

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Preschool Hip-Hop

Preschool Hip-Hop is a second optional class for those enrolled in the combination class. The class specializes in creative movement encouraging individual innovation. The students really enjoy this fun class.

Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combination

Classes for Levels One, Two and Three receive ballet, tap and jazz combination classes for first, second and third grade students. Hip-hop classes are optional. At these levels, dance vocabulary and appropriate skills are emphasized. While learning the dance steps, students improve their stamina, abilities and knowledge. Learning class etiquette, discipline and respect are important class requirements.

Ballet 4, 5, 6 and 7

Intermediate levels of classical ballet for fourth grade students and up. Around age 10 or 11, students may be invited to begin pointe work. These levels work progressively to improve vocabulary and develop connecting skills.

Intro Jazz

After the jazz combo classes, students from fourth grade up are offered a separate jazz class to continue their jazz development.

Beginner Jazz, Ballet and Tap

Three different classes, each designed for the late beginner who has never had a class or is returning after a long break. Beginner steps are introduced which develop into connecting steps and eventually the students are ready to perform in our annual May recital.

Tap and Jazz Combination

These classes are designed for fourth and fifth graders developing more technical skills and are age-appropriate for each level.

Tap 6, 7, 8 and 9

Upper-level tap, which continues developing tap vocabulary to achieve more advanced tap combinations.


Beginner through advanced levels for students in first grade or higher. Street style dancing with popular music. Students learn to feel the movement.

Musical Theatre

One of the most popular classes at Melba's, it incorporates Broadway theatre dance. McAllen Dance Theatre Company (by audition only):

  • Senior Company
  • Junior 1 Company
  • Junior 2 Company

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