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Classical ballet training at Melba’s School of Dance is the underlying technical basis for all other forms of dance. It is the most demanding and most disciplined of all dance forms, but it can be the most rewarding. With a solid ballet foundation, classically trained dancers can transfer their skills into jazz, tap, hip-hop and many other dance forms.

Classical ballet terminology is the basic vocabulary and language used in any dance class. Basic ballet steps are the same steps in jazz and hip-hop, they just might look different or be tweaked, but they came from one original source: “ballet”.

Every child at Melba’s School of Dance benefits from quality classical ballet training. In dance studio ballet training, children learn musicality, teamwork, creative thinking skills, dedication and commitment. All of these skills also serve to enhance their academic performance.

At Melba’s dance studios, we start as young as three years of age and introduce French terminology, graceful movements, and discipline by emphasizing appropriate attire and punctuality. Even at the youngest levels, we see improvement in students’ posture, coordination and memory.

As our students progress, they develop a healthy respect for their bodies, poise (both in and out of the dance studios), and confidence in performing in front of an audience. If our students remain dedicated, they are invited to participate in our ballet company, McAllen Dance Theatre. It is a long standing tradition that the Melba’s company members perform classical ballet works for the annual production performed each February at the McAllen Civic Center. These performances of the McAllen Dance Theatre help to develop an appreciation for the great classical ballets.

Some Melba’s students dedicate sixteen years or more to their dance studio training and as a result, several have continued dancing into their college years. We have dancers who have received academic and dance scholarships to colleges and universities. Several of our students have also become professional dancers. Inevitably, their dance foundation in ballet plays a significant role in their success as a dancer, but more importantly, this foundation transcends dance and helps to produce a well-rounded young person.

So next time someone asks the question, “Why ballet?” The answer should be, “Why not?”


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